Thursday, July 17, 2008

You Are Your Best and True Companion

You are your best friend
For only you know how to cheer you up
For only you were there when you need someone the most

You are your best partner
For only you who loves you the way you are
For only you who accept yourself like you do
For only you who wouldn't be cheated on yourself

You are your best kids
For only you who can let you be spoiled
be whiny, be spontaneous, be joyful

You are your best boss
For only you who know how to direct you
For only you who can discipline yourself
For only you who knows what you need
No one in this world have the right to amend you
or fire you

You are your best belonging
For only you know how to caress and protect it
So nobody can steal it from you
For it is your best possession

You are your best subordinate
That are very loyal and
diligent when it comes to you

You are your best home
For its the only place you can come to
after your long journey

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Mithra said...

egocentric kalee.... wuakakakak